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CIRCEI Education Services
16, Kaveri Nagar, Belagavi, Karnataka, India, 590008
Ph: +91 8088560810

We believe in
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Transforming educational practises

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Using 21st century modules, we are reimagining and redefining education


Global Citizenship

Creating a higher spacing and how people move through a unique and impactful campaign.


Nature & Sustainability

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Arts & Sports

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Experiential Learning

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We have 21st century learners taught by 20th century teachers using 19th Century Curriculum in 18th century classrooms.


Global Model United Nations Academy

Model United Nations or popularly known a “MUN” is an academic simulation of the United Nations, wherein participants emulate the roles of international diplomats and ambassadors. The intense discussions, informed deliberations and unyielding negotiations culminate in structured resolutions, which are voted upon, while employing the procedures and protocols of the UN itself.

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School for Experiential Illumination

Experiential Learning is a renowned method of 21st Century pedagogy, which allows students to learn while experiencing the process first hand. Experiential Illumination aims to not just learn but also apply it and illuminate oneself with the knowledge gained through this process.


Institute for Strategic Programs

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Partners and
Projects in focus

CES has been a part of various national and international programs across the globe inviting global partnerships, collaborations and as well as representation & participation. Some of our annually attended programs include:


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